iPad: It’s not for us.

Have you ever started writing a comment that turned into a paragraph? Then you started wondering at what point you were just starting to get annoying. That’s what happened when I started writing out my reply to Elliot Jay Stock’s first thoughts on the iPad. Instead of hitting the big… 


Last week I received a completely unsolicited t-shirt in the mail from a company called Bookmans Entertainment Exchange. It’s black with just a mouse pointer & “wysiwtf” in a monospaced typeface on the front. I love it. The back of the shirt simply says “you are now following @bookmans“, and… 

3G Surgery

If you were to crack the glass on your 3G iPhone, should you? A.) Grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and cry hysterically for days on end B.) Decide you’re not smartphone worthy and go back to a RAZR C.) Get all MacGyver and buy a DIY replacement glass… 

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  • @DoughertyJack So good. If I wasn’t in 2010, I’m officially the hunchbacked old timer in that comic now. Thanks for sharing it!
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