Eleventh Anniversary

Eleven Years Ago

It was a hot day in the town we grew up in. Having lived our entire lives in the sunshine state though, it wasn’t uncomfortable. I had just graduated from UCF and spent most of my summer making sandwiches at The Red Onion because there were no web design jobs… 

SXSWi 2007

Keep Watering the Grass

The following message started off as a blog post, was converted to an email that I sent to a few close friends then decided to copy as a blog post because I wanted to share it with even more friends. I can do that because, internet. The photo above was taken by… 


Then We Were Four

My life changed forever with one kiss in the Summer of 2000. I was friends with Amy for a long time before we started dating but when we fell for each other, we fell hard. First came love, then came marriage but there were a lot more milestones for us… 


The Fight of Her Life

A week ago today, my mom passed away in her sleep. For the memorial service on Sunday, I stood by her casket and talked to family and friends about how selflessly devoted she was to her kids. I joked about how she would often tell people that she was the daughter… 


32 Years Ago

As a dad, this short email from my mom yesterday was the best birthday present she could’ve given: “Your dad was 30 years old expecting his first child and not knowing boy or girl, I kept telling him you were a boy. After you came I’ll never forget the look in your fathers eyes the first time he held you, it was like nothing I’d ever seen. Even the room got quite for a brief moment as you looked right at him. Your dad leaned back over me and as he did, took your little hand and said it would never have to hold a hammer. I was already in tears, so that just really got me and I understood what he meant. I just wanted to share these precious memories with you as now being a parent you can feel their true feelings and what a gift your child is…

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