NESDrive Start

I’m off to a slow, but steady start to my NESdrive construction plan. I spent some free time on Thursday morning checking out the emulators that would work with the NES Controller drivers I got from After doing some reading, and playing with a few different emulators, I have decided to use NEStron. It seems to work nicely with XP, and since our MP3 jukebox is running XP Server, it should be the best fit.

I’ve found most every NES Game I knew existed while poking around Google, but at work, Russ said he had a CD full at home he’d bring me. With software issues figured out, it’s time to move on to construction. Last night I dismantled my poor, defenseless Nintendo to remove it’s button panel (w/ LED) and controller ports (pictures coming soon).

I’m going to try to pick up a DB25 Crimp-Type connector and tear a female power connector out of my OLD case in Vero when I go home for the birthday this weekend. I need to get some more info before I know how I’m going to use the power/reset buttons, but Amy and I agree that having them start and shut down the emulator would be AWESOME!

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