New Project

My secondhand Nintendo just decided to take a dump a couple weeks back. Amy and I were pretty bummed because Tetris on Xbox just doesn’t compare to Dr. Mario, and I was starting to miss playing my occasional game of Sky Shark. So we spent a while trying to diagnose it. She picked up a compatible power supply from work to see if the old one with two electrical tape lumps was the culprit, but we had no luck.

Now this may seem like a mundane waste of time to some of you, but to those who grew up in the age of Mario, MegaMan, and Mike Tyson I present to you my latest project: I want to construct a NESDrive! I’ve built a few computers in my life, but I’m not much of a custom hardware kind of guy. I don’t get too excited about casemods and overclocking, but the thought of plugging Nintendo controllers into my MP3 server box at home (which is located conveniently next to our entertainment center), and pressing the Nintendo Power button to start up an emulator really got me excited.

This may be a slow-burner as I’ve been pretty swamped at work. Amy and I have our weekends booked for the next month or so, but I will post any progress I make on this new project right here. If anybody happens to read this that has done this before, or has any suggestions, please post your comments.

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