When I bought the RAM, it seems I forgot how old my old computer was. The motherboard is an Asus P5A, which I just found out last night, has a bus speed of 100 MHz – not 133. So I’ll be taking my ram back to Circuit City for a refund and probably ordering it online. I said before that I had picked up my video card, but what I really meant was that I had merely picked out my video card. I think I’ll buy it tonight if Amy and I get to Circuit City. I’m getting a PNY Verto 64MB AGP Video Card. Right now it’s only $89.99 with a $40 rebate…so it’s cheap AND it has TV-out at 1024×768 resolution.

Back on to the NESdrive project – I found something very useful this morning at Radio Shack. It’s a DB25 connector with a phone jack in the back! According to junkmachine, I only need 4 wires coming from the NES controller to the parallel port. Basically that means I’ll have a phone cord running from the NES ports that I can just plug in to the parallel port adapter. Fun Fun.

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