Embedding Video in Google Wave

I’m going to start this little note off by saying that I am a Wave n00b. I got an invite late last week (sorry, no invites to give away yet) but I still don’t really have it figured out which is why I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Refresh Columbia meetup…. 

Oh My Sod

When Amy and I bought our first place back in 2005, we knew it had awesome potential, but that it was majorly outdated. The picture on the right shows what it looked like sometime in 2007. Over the years, we’ve replaced all the builder-grade 70s fixtures, removed wallpaper, scraped popcorn,… 

Pink for October

Yes, I know. We’re a good way into the month already, but I wanted to show my support for National Breast Cancer awareness month by going Pink for October. I’ll probably put a link in here soon to switch back to the trusty blue theme. For the mean time though,… 

Somewhat Recent
The Whole Nine Yards