Running Music

I’ve always enjoyed running and I’ve been doing a lot more of it over the last few months. Since the Charleston Bridge Run 10k back in March, I’ve been trying to run at least 5k (3.1m) twice a week. One of the things that keeps me going when I’m out… 

Stink Radius Infographic

My brother Jered is a nurse in the Air Force and currently stationed at Balad Air Base in Iraq. Today he posted on his Facebook wall that: “It’s 120F. The stink radius of the porta-potties is 150yards.There’s a porta-potty every 140yards = nowhere is safe.” I quickly replied with the… 


I saw a great tweet this morning: “I wonder if anyone sold a harness for an original Model-T so that you can save gas by hooking a horse up to it. #iPad” – @jamesmiller The link James shared there is a MacRumors post about the laptop-like Clamcase for iPad…. 

iPad and The Red Queen

I guess good things really do come in pairs. A couple weeks ago I wrote about 2 Gowalla helper apps that came out within just a few days of each other, Gowalla Sniffer and Gowalla Swag. Today, I have 2 new Gowalla topics to talk about: The Gowalla iPad App… 

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