Dr. Pepper Cherry Milk

I’m pretty sure the Dr. Pepper cherry dessert topping wasn’t meant to be milk soluble. Once it’s thoroughly blended though, it’s at least as good as I know you’re thinking it sounds. Trust me, I’m married to a doctor. Pro Tip: This might go well with a giant cookie.

The Climber

Today is a special day. At 3pm, after 5 years of graduate work and research, my wife will defend her dissertation on “Mechanisms in the Water Vapor Hydrolysis of NaBH4“. Her progress and motivation over the course of the Chemical Engineering PhD program here at USC has been a wild… 

Fried Zucchini Flowers

When we get a chance, Ames and I love to check the local farmers markets for produce. It’s always fresher and cheaper than what you find at the supermarket and you never know what you’re going to find. On our Saturday trip, we came home with a watermelon, an eggplant,… 

Somewhat Recent
The Whole Nine Yards