The Survey, 2009

In the graphic design field, many people depend on the annual AIGA | Aquent Survey of Design Salaries to see where they stand among other graphic arts professionals. A List Apart’s Survey for people who make websites provides a similar service for the web industry. Sure, AIGA includes some web… 

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There has been a lot of finger-pointing going on in regard to the decline of the personal blog. Some blame Facebook, others point to the barrage of content from tutorial/list zines and everyone is quick to accuse Twitter. I could easily blame my own post count on any of the… 

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Last week I attempted to unsubscribe from a company’s email list only to discover that there was no unsubscribe link or instructions anywhere in the message I had received. It wasn’t really a big deal, but as someone who sends email campaigns myself, it really irks me when there is… 

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