My name is Jason Beaird, nice to meet you! I’m a designer, product manager, front-end developer, user researcher, and general web nerd. I first encountered the Internet through a Lynx text browser in a dial-up bulletin board. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since.

While I love great design and designing things myself, I’m also a tinkerer. I enjoy making things work and tend to end up in that gray area between design and engineering. For 6 years, I worked at MailChimp with some of the brightest and most creative folks in the industry. While I was there, I helped conceive and evolve The MailChimp Pattern Library. Since then, I moved from Atlanta to Orlando and now work as a remote UX designer at Paylocity.

You might also find me tweeting about my own user experiences, instagramming way too many pictures of my kids, running, or sipping on a craft brew.


Articles & Publications

Employing Heuristics to Anticipate and Prevent Errors
November 29th, 2017 – UX Booth

The Principles of Beautiful Web Design – I wrote this book in 2007 to teach fundamental design principles to non-designers. Now in it’s 3rd edition, The Principles of Beautiful Web Design has sold more than 92k copies and has been translated into 8 other languages.

The UX Reader – A collection of the most popular articles from MailChimp’s UX Newsletter. I contributed 2 articles and oversaw the publication and sale of the eBook. All of the proceed were contributed to RailsBridge.

Latest Journal Entries

UX in Remote-First Organizations – January 25th, 2019
Fifteenth – July 19th, 2018
Mid-Century Mundane – May 21st, 2018


Recent Talks

Beyond the Empathy Map – January 16th, 2018
Downtown UX Meetup, Orlando, FL

Design Pattern Craftsmanship – August 4th, 2016
Design with a Purpose Meetup, Orlando, FL

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