Bring Out Your Dead

There’s been a lot of talk lately surrounding the future of client services since Khoi Vinh casted them as the man who didn’t want to go on the cart in his The End of Client Services post. Khoi was essentially saying that if you want to do great work, you either have to go “in-house” as he did at The New York Times or be a part of a company that owns a product. The conversation continues this week after Khoi posted a follow-up, In Defense of Client Services yesterday. In it, he essentially says, “Ok, fine. Client services will still exist. Do not want.”

Redbox Frustration

There is a Redbox customer in Shawnee, KS who insists on using my email address to rent movies at the McDonald’s at 16210 W 65th St. Every time this person rents or returns a movie I get an email. In the last 2 years I’ve gotten 29 such emails and… 


Last week I attempted to unsubscribe from a company’s email list only to discover that there was no unsubscribe link or instructions anywhere in the message I had received. It wasn’t really a big deal, but as someone who sends email campaigns myself, it really irks me when there is… 

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