Introducing Team Design Team

I’m a big advocate for design teams that write about their work and process because so much of what we’re trying to solve is universal. Blog posts about work from designers and UX professionals create a window into how design operates in other organizations that can help all of us improve our craft.

Making a Fidget Toy From a Logo

As the holidays were approaching in December, I wanted to send a small token of gratitude to the product designers on my team at Sprout Social. My go-to holiday gift for teammates in the past has been a page-a-day desk calendar, but I decided to be a little more creative this year.

Custom Domains & The Social Web

With the news in December that Threads was starting to test an ActivityPub integration, there has been a steady flow of articles about what Meta’s support for this W3C Protocol means for the future of social media. One of my favorites is Colin Devroe’s post about how ActivityPub will cross the chasm in 2024.

Challenge Coins & Cheesy Trophies

For me, the wheels started turning when we set the dates for our product zone’s Chicago HQ onsite and decided to make a hackathon the focus of our 2 days together. I wanted to make this meetup a memorable one and create some kind of tangible reminder of the occasion. I also knew that our hackathon teams would work hard on their self-selected projects and that everyone who participated would deserve a fun reward.

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