Gone Caving

Woke up this morning to find out that I made Jason Santa Maria’s Oddities and Diversions list. There I am, right there between Rogue Taxidermy and Sacfree Underwear! Thanks, Jason! Over the last few months I have been doing such a great job of convincing myself and my co-workers that… 


Yesterday started out with much anticipation and excitement as we signed our lease and picked up our new keys. Those feelings continued all through the work day, after which we went to the new place and worked until about 12:30 last night cleaning and building a couple new furniture items…. 

Camping in Juniper Springs

This would have been a great weekend to work on my NESdrive project, but I’m going camping at Juniper Springs for the weekend with Amy, my brother Jered, and his girlfriend Aimee. I would say that I’m disappointed…but I’m not really. I need fire, and smores, and canoeing, and stuff…. 

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