Gone Caving

Woke up this morning to find out that I made Jason Santa Maria’s Oddities and Diversions list. There I am, right there between Rogue Taxidermy and Sacfree Underwear! Thanks, Jason!

Over the last few months I have been doing such a great job of convincing myself and my co-workers that I couldn’t afford to go on their annual caving trip to the Mammoth Caves in Kentucky. Then last Friday after a few more persuasive cost conversations with Kent, I cracked. I said I’d ask my wife, and she said GO! So I bought the necessary thick socks, waterproof boots, elbow pads, and snack food, and I am ready to roll!

We leave this morning in a rental van on an 11 hour drive, cave all day Friday, and come back to Gainesville on Saturday. This isn’t "Walk around and see the pretty stalactites." caving either. We’re going on the Wild Cave Tour – a 6 hour, 5.5 mile trek of free climbing, crawling, twisting, sliding, and squeezing through tight spaces and bat filled caverns. I didn’t really understand why Amy didn’t want in :), but how could I not go for a trip like that?

2 comments on “Gone Caving

You did indeed, and among such obviously distinguished company. Top notch redsign.

He Returns! Thanks again.

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