My Book is Out

Although I haven’t talked much about the details, it’s no secret that I was working on a design book for SitePoint. Most of my friends and relatives have been asking me “How’s the book going?” and “Are you done yet?” since I started the first chapter back in early April…. 

Exact Opposites

As with Numa Numa, this is a vodcast post in response to a post by Dustin Diaz over at Web Standards with Imagination. Dustin mentioned that he’s been really busy and hasn’t had time for podcasting, so I thought I’d provide some AM entertainment by posting a short lesson on… 

For the Love of Design

There are few people who can inspire as much passionate commenting as Greg Storey. His latest post, Bronze is no exception. Today’s subject is the death of personal web design, or more accurately the lack of originality in personal web design. If you haven’t clicked the link and read the… 

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