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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about writing and how beneficial it is (especially for designers) to connect and share with our broader communities of practice through storytelling. It can be scary to put content out into the world, even more so when you’re representing a team. Sharing our processes, experiments, failures, and aha moments though is the best way for all of us to learn. Blogging regularly as a team has the added benefit of creating a window into the culture of our organizations, providing a glimpse of what working there is like.

Mid-Century Masonry Faux Shutter Accents

Of all the historic residential styles that can be found around Central Florida, the modest mid-century ranch homes are some of my favorites. There are many gems in the 1950s Orlando neighborhood where I live and one of the details I notice most often is the diversity of shutter designs. Some houses have them, some don’t. Some are your run-of-the-mill fake wood shutters, and some are absolute “Shudder Sunday” train wrecks…

Meta Sketch & The Legend of Jambear

When I applied to join the product design team at Sprout Social early last year, I didn’t know a single person at the company. I was just looking for an interesting product to work on and a passionate team to continue growing with. Starting a free trial checked the first box, but exploring Sprout’s design system was what really sold me.

Evolution of a Pattern Library

This is a repost of my article in Issue 16 of the MailChimp UX Newsletter. Our team publishes a new issue every couple weeks so if you enjoy this, please subscribe! Screenshot from the original “MAiLCHiMP” from 2001. Life in the web industry always seems to clip by at a pace that… 

Stink Radius Infographic

My brother Jered is a nurse in the Air Force and currently stationed at Balad Air Base in Iraq. Today he posted on his Facebook wall that: “It’s 120F. The stink radius of the porta-potties is 150yards.There’s a porta-potty every 140yards = nowhere is safe.” I quickly replied with the… 

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