I’m a husband, dad, front-end dev, designer and nerd. I first encountered the Internet through a Lynx text browser in a BBS. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since. I studied Graphic Design and Digital Media at University of Central Florida and started working as a professional web designer way back in 2003. Believing that everyone should know basic design concepts, I wrote The Principles of Beautiful Webdesign which has sold more than 90k copies over 2 editions.

While I love great design and designing things myself, I’m also a tinkerer. I enjoy making things work and more importantly, making things that people enjoy working with. I currently lead a talented team of fellow makers at MailChimp who proudly bear the title of UX Developer.

You might also find me tweeting about office antics, instagramming way too many pictures of my kids, running (quite infrequently) or working on the house.

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