I’m a husband, dad, front-end dev, designer and nerd. I first encountered the Internet through a Lynx text browser in a BBS. I’ve been fascinated by it ever since. I studied Graphic Design and Digital Media at University of Central Florida and started working as a professional web designer way back in 2003. Believing that everyone should know basic design concepts, I wrote The Principles of Beautiful Webdesign which has sold more than 90k copies over 2 editions.

While I love great design and designing things myself, I’m also a tinkerer. I enjoy making things work and more importantly, making things that people enjoy working with. My official job title changes pretty often but I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

You might also find me tweeting, instagramming, running or working on the house.

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  • @norcross Wanted to do the Dali last time I was down for front end. Afraid it might frighten the 3yr old though. :)
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