Introducing Team Design Team

I’m a big advocate for design teams that write about their work and process because so much of what we’re trying to solve is universal. Blog posts about work from designers and UX professionals create a window into how design operates in other organizations that can help all of us improve our craft.

Early last year I wrote a post here about design team blogs and used WP RSS Aggregator to pull in the latest entries from over 40 of them. Even though that post is buried in the journal archive now, I find myself revisiting it often.

To give that resource a new life, I decided to create a dedicated site. My thought on the name is that all of us who care about what other teams are working on are part of an even bigger community–you might even say that we’re on the team of design teams themselves, Team Design Team.

Check it out at or follow the site’s RSS Feed.

One comment on “Introducing Team Design Team

@jasongraphix Very cool – congrats on the launch!

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