Street Views

I thought Google Street View was fairly entertaining when it launched last year, but it wasn’t all that exciting when you could only explore 5 cities. Ever since they added coverage here in Columbia though, I’ve been fascinated. Writing about how cool the service is doesn’t really do it justice…. 

Urban Fabric

The image above is the second in a series of collages from a childhood sketchbook. Over the years, I’ve met, been inspired by, and become friends with many of my fellow web weavers. Getting to meet a lot of those people in person at my first SXSW last year and… 

SxSW 2007

Friday March 9th, 2007 After a long “morning” of driving, flying, transfering, cabs, and registration lines, I’m finally here in Austin, sitting in a conference room at the very first panel of SxSW – “The Real Story Behind Snakes on a Plane”. I’m not sure what this panel is all… 


Well, it’s been over a month since my last post, and although there’s been a lot going on, I haven’t had much time to write about it. At my full time job we had a client application project that seemed pretty straight-forward so we decided to use the opportunity to… 

Christmas in Vero

As native Floridians, Amy and I aren’t used to all this cold weather. We were planning on driving down to our hometown of Vero Beach, Florida today, but when we woke up yesterday and it was 21° outside and looked like this… …we knew we had to get outta there…. 

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