Urban Fabric

You've got a friend in the urban fabric of your mind.

The image above is the second in a series of collages from a childhood sketchbook.

Over the years, I’ve met, been inspired by, and become friends with many of my fellow web weavers. Getting to meet a lot of those people in person at my first SXSW last year and then again at The Webmaster Jam Session last Summer has been an awesome experience. Despite what anybody says about the size/growth of the SXSWi conference, being there really shows you what an intimate, tight-knit, and amicable group the web design/dev community really is. I can’t wait to see some familiar faces and meet tons of new ones. Here’s a list of fellow bloggers I hope to run into in Austin and their Pre-SXSW commentaries:

Of course, there are many other people attending that I’d like to see again or finally meet in person; those are just the ones I could find blog posts from.

Here’s my tentative schedule for the panels and parties I plan to attend. For many of the time slots, I’m double or even triple booked. This just means I either: a. Haven’t made up my mind which panel/event to attend or b. Plan to try to check out more than one in the same time slot. If you’re going to be there too, whoever you are, I’d love to get a chance to say hello. Just drop a comment here or swing by my book reading. I’ll be giving a presentation featuring a practical example of how to apply the information from my book and then hanging around the book store to sign copies – if anyone wants their book signed. (Sorry for the “-” disclaimer…it still just feels so weird/humbling to say I’ll be signing copies of my book.) Fell and broke two bones in my left hand last night, so it looks like I won’t be signing anything unless you want some right-handed chicken scratch. 🙁 Also, I have a special treat for the first 74 people who can tell me “…some trivial bit of info that can’t be found online…” There was 75 special treats, but I ATED ONE. You won’t know if you don’t go…

Update: got a cast to match my business cards.

Orange Cast

7 comments on “Urban Fabric

Glad I wrote most of that post yesterday. Typing anything lengthy with one hand is an exercise in futility…

Dood, stay off that hand a while. And for Pete’s sake…no sign language!

I think you can still bowl with that on ! =P

just use a 5 lb ball. hehe.

Brian says:

There’s a story behind that cast. I hope to find out what it is.

Darragh G (Seachmall) says:

At least if you wake up during the night you won’t need to turn on a light, you can just use your cast to direct you to the toilet. Although I can only imagine that going to the toilet with that thing is more of a challenge then ever before 😀

at least brown blends with the orange. eeewwww

russ says:

I like that your cast is so bright it has utterly drained the color out of the everything around it! 😛

Although I can only imagine that going to the toilet with that thing is more of a challenge then ever before

Umm, yea. Some of my favorite pairs of jeans are button fly…ugh. Guess I won’t be wearing any of those for another 5 weeks or so.

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