Ann Elisabeth says:

We need to target Verio to shut down that server.

The spammer cycles the whois info after a while. Right now they’re on to another nonexistent person in South Dakota. Nothing is correct, except possibly the e-mail address.

The terminated notices are fake. The accounts have not been terminated. You’ll often find that another subdomain is happily working.

Well Ann, it looks like you’ve been onto this trail for a lot longer than I have. I’ll keep checking out http://www.annelisabeth.com/blog/ for updates.

For some reason this particular post is great bait for comment spam. If I have 5 new comment spams in a given day, 4 of them are on this post. It sucks that I have to go through and De-Spam them…but with every one I’m strengthening my spam filters. Thank Spam Bots…keep up the great work.

You know, just because you’re going through the extra effort of entering a lot of comment spam by hand, doesn’t mean I’m not going to add the URLs of your sites to my filter. Keep it up. My spam filter is getting stronger and stronger.

Oh, and if you’re setting up spam blogs at blog services that I’ve never had a single person use in the comments, I’ll block the whole domain. It makes it easier on myself…

Have a nice day.

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