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Ray says:

Congratulations, you two! After looking at the collage above, I have only one thing to add. It has nothing to do with wishing you well, though. I’m glad you guys are moving to South Carolina. That you might not be Florida Gators fans anymore! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Go Bulldogs! Go Gamecocks! Anything but the Gators. 🙂

We’re still going to be Gator fans, but we have mixed up allegiances anyway! The Ole’ Ball Coach (Steve Spurrier) is the new head coach for the Gamecocks, so come November 12th, who knows what color we’ll be wearing. I think I’m going to have a Gamecock hat, a Gator shirt, and I’ll paint my face…half red/black, half orange/blue.

Paul says:

(To the tune of the William Tell Overture, a.k.a, Lone Ranger, a.k.a., Long Rangler, a.k.a.,…never mind):
�Hap-py Anni-ver-sary! Hap-py Anni-ver-sary! Hap-py Anni-ver-sary! Haaaaappy Anni-ver-sary!�

maratz says:

Congratulations to both for your anniversary.

Jason, I wonder with which surprise you came to her this time? 🙂

Well, I didn’t paint any walls, but I did surprise her with some good gifts. A necklace pendant with two flowers and a nice sheet set for our bed (since Cotton is the traditional 2nd anniversary present). We went out to The Melting Pot for dinner, but that wasn’t really a surprise. Niether of us have ever been, so it was a lot of fun.

maratz says:

Ah, yes, the Cotton anniversary. You got those over there, which makes things much easier.

BTW, check your stats : )

<THUMP!> – Your baton bounced off of my head and I didn’t even know it.

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