Different Kind of Moving

Now that Amy and I have moved (so…sore), I think it’s time for me to start planning the migration of Jasongraphix to a new webhost and a new look. This site is in dire need of a complete re-build and my webhost – well they’re just getting old. It has been almost a year since I gradjidated and started work as a full time web monkey, and since that time, the only upgrades that I have made revolve around this blog. No major graphical changes, no cutting-edge uber cool cssness, and no changes to the way my portfolio is viewed. Just a little bit of php coding and database planning – and I’m a webdesigner, not a programmer for cryin out loud!

I have plenty of ideas, inspiration, and motivation. Ideas for improvement include implementing rss, trackbacks, a better inline commenting system, and a simpler method of displaying my portfolio. To save time on the programming features (and give more time for stylage) I’m going to look into using Moveable Type as my blog engine. I want to start sharing my knowledge with how-to’s and downloads, not only for the public, but for my own memory as well. Seeing and reading sites like mikeindustries.com, jasonsantamaria.com, airbagindustries.com, stopdesign.com, and alistapart.com (just to name a few) provide more than enough inspiration. Motivation comes mostly from my own personal desire to make cool stuff, but the fact that I’ll be moving in less than a year – sending out my website to hordes of potential employers doesn’t hurt either.

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