Hacked NES Roms

Amy and I decided to chill out and play some Nintendo on the NES PC after dinner last night. We had fun playing crazy classic games like Othello, Family Fued, and Super Dodge Ball. However, mixed in among the list of .nes files was a game called “P***y City Pimps”. After playing the game for about 3 minutes, we decided that it was way to offensive to continue.

Still curious about it though, I googled the game title and found a great review site of Hacked Roms at i-mockery.com. Here you will find all the details (including screenshots) of games like: Evil Dead!, Baby Dodge Ball, Beeralaga, and Knife Boy!

I’ve left out a lot of the details as many of the games are just to ranchy to discuss here. But to quote Lemar Burton on Reading Rainbow, “Don’t take MY word for it!

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