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Mike Davidson, you are officially the man. Or as Scrivs exclaimed in the first comment on Mike’s latest post, Hacking A More Tasteful MySpace, “You are a god amongst teenagers”! Where most self-proclaimed web professionals are squeamish about the very idea of creating a MySpace account, Mike saw it as a design challenge and produced one of the best MySpace profile page I’ve ever seen, along with a great tutorial: http://www.myspace.com/mikeindustries. I plan to jump head first into Mike’s tutorial soon, posting my experiences here, but for now here are a few other nice custom MySpace profiles.

Update: I recently wrote a post about hosting MySpace profile images so that nobody else can use them on their profile. Most profile images on MySpace are not actually hosted on MySpace, but rather on other private servers. This is known as hotlinking, but what if you wanted to allow your profile to hotlink images from your server but not other people’s profiles. This is essentially what I’ve figured out how to do using PHP. It prevents other people from using your MySpace images and stealing your bandwidth. Check it out.


  1. Good article. Here’s what I was able to do: myspace.com/billypalooza

  2. a way to hack myspace

    <Comment Deleted> – I will not allow information here about hacking myspace passwords.

  3. Click this to add me if u can

  4. Steven Cole

    cool site

  5. Hi i know how to hack into people myspace its not that simple it has something to do with your email and the persons myspace your trying to hack into i would try to explain it buts its way to complicating all you have to do is send me you email and password and your victims email and i will only get you 1 password! people ask for way to much passwords so i have a minimun and you can mess up there page please i wouldnt like myspace to block what i do so just send me your information on [REMOVED] remeber only 1 password!

    EDITORS NOTE: I don’t know what bothers me more. The fact that you posted this on my website or the fact that you actually expect people to send you thier login and password. I’ve removed your contact info but left your message so that other people can point and laugh. Comments are now closed.

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