I Archive!

It’s still in testing phase, but check out my blog archive! Much thanks to Russ and Ryan at work for helping me figure out how to make this page go. I had to do one sql query to get the years for which there were posts. Then I had to do a query within that loop and create another loop that would display a list of the months that had content. Tricky, Tricky, but it works.

I’ve been making progress on the NESDrive project as well – Or at least the server. I got my RAM in from Computer Surplus and plugged it all in. Then I formatted it and installed XP Server 2003 on Monday night, but found out that it will not support my sound card (A Turtle Beach Montego – TB400-3355-01). I tried a few different drivers but Windows just wouldn’t recognize it. Then I found a review of Server 2003 from someone who had the same exact sound card which he could not get to work either. SO I gave up. Fortunately, my friend Justin had a spare SoundBlaster card lying around he could give me (THANKS JUSTIN!) so I’ll be getting that all installed as soon as I can.

I will be getting a pictures post of the progress of the NESDrive hardware work soon as well. I spent Wednesday morning routing out the second controller port hole in the CD drive cover. All I need to do now is cut the holes for the Power, Reset, and LED, and it will at least LOOK like a working NESDrive.

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