Spring Cleaning

Ok, for those of you wondering why my site is being funny, I thought I’d do a little Spring Cleaning in the half hour I had before I clocked in to work today. Some links may be kinda b0rked for a while but I wanted to get the main part of my site out of the “crazycreative” folder and into the root.

I’m also doing this because I’m running out of room! This hosting account lasts till late October, and I have to keep all my webjunk squished into 50MB till then. I’m planning on switching at that time to a host with a better price and better features. I defintately need 150+MB of space, php, and MySQL. I would like to have unlimited subdomains, CPanel, and a reseller account – but usually “That ain’t cheap!”

So far the best option I’ve found is All About Hosting, a british company with servers in NJ. With them I’d either go with their Mini Reseller ($40/yr), or Standard Shared Hosting ($30/yr) deal. Either way I get 500MB and much more advanced company than my current host.

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