Taper-In Star

Taper-In Star Example

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Couldn’t help working on this. Cameron Moll asked if there was an easy way to create a star that tapers in instead of out in Illustrator like the one on the right. Here’s an easy to follow 7 step tutorial. -Enjoy

  1. Create a Star with the Star Tool.
  2. Create a Circle with a diameter just smaller than the outer points of your star.
  3. Select both the circle and the star and Use the

    Vertical Align Center Button “Vertical Align Center”
    Horizontal Align Center Button and “Horizontal Align Center” buttons in the align toolbar to…align them.

  4. Use the
    Intersect Shape Areas Button “Intersect Shape Areas” button on the Pathfinder toolbar to cut off the points (and give you more than one point on the tips of your star.
    Intersected Shapes
  5. Goto: Object->Expand Appearence
  6. Moving around the star, with the “Direct Selection Tool” (the white arrow) hold down shift and choose each clockwise-most point on the corner of each star tip.
    Selectin the colckwise-most points.
  7. Using the Rotate Tool, move those points more clockwise to create a star that tapers in. It’s fun, it’s different than all other prefab star shapes, and it looks like something from “That 70’s Show”. The rest of the gradients and style funnery are up to you once you have the shape.
    Finished Taper-In Star
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