No-Shave 2008

For those of you who have asked: Yes! I’m observing No-Shave November again this year. This is only the 2nd consecutive November that I’ve gone without shaving, but the tradition started back in college. I know I had a “no-shave” beard when I proposed to my wife on Thanksgiving of 2001 and that was neither the first nor that last time I went without shaving for the month of November. Anyway, hair I grow again…

Obama Facts Bookmarklet

I’m a big fan of President-Elect Barack Obama. I’m also a big fan of Chuck Norris. So Keith Robinson’s idea of going to and replacing “Chuck Norris” with “Obama”, nearly made me fall off my chair laughing. So… I decided a bookmarklet was in order:

Link Background Image

Update 2/11/2010: Added support for Multiple Background Images Over a year ago I posted about the lack of a View Background Image option in Firefox when right-clicking on links. As a web designer, I use that context menu item on a regular basis, so for it to not be there… 

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