The Rise of the UX Developer

The engineers call us designers. The UI designers call us developers. The research team calls us when they uncover changes to make in the application. When I started at MailChimp 4½ years ago, my job title was User Experience Designer.

Creativity in Front-End Development

This is a repost of my article in Issue 21 of the MailChimp UX Newsletter. Our team publishes a new issue every couple weeks so if you enjoy this, please subscribe! We’ve written a lot in past newsletter issues about our pattern library and how it helps us iterate quickly and… 

Process of Sublimination

This post turned out a bit longer than I intended. To summarize, I’ve tried several text editors out over the last few months and recently fell in geeky love with Sublime Text 2. It’s a truly amazing new text editor that’s available for OSX, Linux & Windows. Now, on with the story.
In the Beginning… I believe it was the Summer of 2005 when I tried out TextMate for the first time. After a few minutes of playing with it’s project drawer, tabs, regex find, snippets and column select features I was very happy. No more bloated applications from a certain software suite or sub-par minimalist editors. TextMate was a simple, innovative, powerful tool that helped me write a lot of code with very few distractions…

View Multiple Link BGs

Have you ever right-clicked on a website graphic in Firefox expecting to find that handy “View Background Image” context menu item only to realize it wasn’t there because the element you right-clicked on was a link? No? Well it happens to me all the time. A little over a year… 

Mobile Directory

Here at Cyberwoven, everybody has a little sheet of paper on their desk that lists all of the office phone extensions. That little sheet of paper is useful, but very limited in the amount of information it can convey. Many of us in the office have iPhones, so I thought… 

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