100 Mile Onewheel Pint Review

In May, I finally did it. After a year and a half of deliberation, I bought a Onewheel Pint. While I do enjoy occasional mountain bike rides, and running on a semi-regular basis, I am neither an extreme sports enthusiast nor an athlete. As a frugal, 40 year old parent of 2 elementary-age kiddos, I also find it hard to justify spending money on myself these days, especially for things I don’t need. Do any of these factors make me regret my decision? Not at all!

Orlando’s Night-Blooming Cereus

Last night, we kept our kiddos out late to do something a little nerdy. Well, cereusly nerdy. We drove around from 9-10pm, admiring the flowers of tree-climbing cacti that bloom for (usually) just one night per year.

A Tribute to Items

I’ve been a fan of Gowalla for a very long time. I’m sure many people know the application simply as a check-in service. To me though, Gowalla has always been about the items. Over the last 2 years, I’ve taken different routes home, gone out of my way on trips and arranged swap meets with fellow Gowalla users nerds to collect all the items. In it’s heyday last year, Gowalla was introducing a new item every week (New-item Tuesday!) and sometimes even did surprise, real-item giveaways like a new AT&T Smartphone or a pair of TOMS Shoes. At that point in Gowalla’s history, every user was an item collector, or at least paid attention to them for the chance of winning real items. Since then, Gowalla has made lots of incremental changes to their service to appeal to a wider audience…

Origami Water Bomb

I’m always amazed by the random details I remember from my childhood. Things like the words to The Littlest Worm song, the velcro pockets in the shoes I wore in pre-school and the smell of my kindergarten classroom. At some point in my early elementary school days, someone taught me… 

Your Week with Gowalla

It doesn’t seem like it’s been a year since I started using Gowalla, but the publish date on my Gowallaing post tells me that milestone is coming up soon. A lot of cool features have been added to Gowalla since I wrote that article, but it’s still a surprisingly relevant…