No-Shave 2008

For those of you who have asked: Yes! I’m observing No-Shave November again this year. This is only the 2nd consecutive November that I’ve gone without shaving, but the tradition started back in college. I know I had a “no-shave” beard when I proposed to my wife on Thanksgiving of 2001 and that was neither the first nor that last time I went without shaving for the month of November. Anyway, hair I grow again…

Hair I grow again

Last year I waited until November was over to post about it so I could show the progression of fuzziness. This year I decided to show my face as soon as I had a beard worthy of my last name.

So, who’s with me? Anybody else out there laying down their razor* for the month and sporting the woolly caveman look?

* I make an exception for occasionally shaving the hair on my neck.
I just can’t get into the wild neck beard.

9 comments on “No-Shave 2008

adrienne says:

Just say no to neck beards!

It’s unfortunate that they don’t teach this to kids in middle school…

bredon says:

oh definitely no neck beard. my two band mates and i are going for a ‘stache performance next week so i’ve been growing out the beard in preparation. just going to grow it all out and then drop out the bottom the day of. i can’t handle the neck hair so that is shaved every couple of days.

great site btw and the design book is excellent, thank you.

Thanks and good luck with the ‘stache performance!

Nick says:

… Ive done the whole.. “not shave for a month” thing… neck beard and all… Its not the most comfortable feeling… I just shaved last night for the first time in a week… lol

Infrequently, I’m a fan of Hetfield cut. But such occasions are unfortunate for my wife, because people on the street are giving me that WTF stare 🙂

Soon un-bearded Beaird says:

I’m on day 3! I’ll make it through tomorrow and then I have to shave on Monday for work. Boo.

I’m in it for the cause! Started on Nov. 1st and I’m not shaving until Dec. of course I’m anti neck-beard as well. Although there are no official celebrations in Dallas, myself and a few others will observe the cause with a beer or six.

I wish you and your beard success in November!

Steven says:

Unfortunately, I can’t grow a beard to save my life, otherwise I’d be all over that.

Good luck!

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