Dreamhost 777 Code is Back!

Ames is the most tech-savvy, frugal shopper I know. If something is on sale at a great price she will know about it. As part of her daily quest for righteous deals, she found a thread on one of her discount sites that said that the 777 code on dreamhost is back.

This is the code I signed up under when I switched to dreamhost last July that gave me my first year of their L1 (Crazy Domain Insane) plan for only $.77/month. That amounts to one year of hosting and a domain registration/transfer for only $9.24. I figured that was only a one time deal, but I checked it out, and apparently they’ve re-activated it:

Dreamhost Coupon Code

All you have to do is:

  • Go to the signup page.
  • Click the “L1: Crazy Domain Insane (20GB disk, 1TB bw, $9.95/month)” radio button.
  • Click the Automatically bill me “once a year. (No set up fee!)” radio button. (You can change this preference from your account once you’re signed up.)
  • Choose your domain option and fill out your info.
  • Enter 777 in the “Promo Code or email of who referred you” box.
  • Check the I agree to Dreamhost’s TOS and Anti-Spam policies checkbox.
  • Click “Continue to secure payment…”

As I’ve said before, I’m very happy with dreamhost as my hosting provider. Although their referral program is great incentive to send people their way, I recommend them regardless. You just can’t beat their price and feature set…and at only $9.24 for a whole year, you might as well do it just to register a silly domain like monkeysmakemehappy.com. Did I mention they have ruby on rails installed? Perhaps monkeysmakemehappy.com would be an app to keep track of all my imaginary monkey friends…or not – they like to roam free.

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I can’t entirely recommend them whole heartedly even though I’ve been enjoying their bandwidth limits. They are indeed fairly strict about their CPU limits – and for some reason my site is crossing the lines and on the brink of finding its way to another server.

In the end, I guess I can’t complain much since I only payed $7.77 for this last year. But I’m totally willing to fork out the money in the areas I want quality.

Ryan says:

Doesn’t entering the code default on the referral? I thought I read that last time I almost signed up.

This is so tempting. I don’t need another host, and I don’t particularly feel good about supporting them, but at the same time…ten bucks.

What kind of speed do you get hosting large files? I’ve never broken about thirty kb down from 1and1.

@Dustin: I didn’t even know they had CPU limits 😛

@Ryan: Yea, I don’t get any referral credit when you use that coupon code, but I thought I’d throw the referral link in there anyway. What size file are you talking about. I’d be curious to compare…

Judi Sohn says:

I have many sites, including my personal blog, at Dreamhost. Been with them since December 2004. Can’t beat the price or feature set. However, I had to move my work-related site away to another host (Pair Networks) a few months ago.

Picture this situation. You go to your website and it doesn’t load and you verify that it’s not a local issue.

Your reaction is:

A. It’s not a vital has-to-be-up-every-second site, so you relax as you go to the control panel to verify that it’s a known problem (or let them know via support ticket that there’s a problem) and you’re fine if it takes a good few hours to even get a reply from support, much less get the problem fixed.

B. Are you kidding me?!? My site is down! I’m in serious poo if I don’t get a reason for the downtime within 10-15 minutes and it burns me up that there’s no phone number I can call for a faster answer.

If your answer is A, then I highly recommend Dreamhost. If your answer is B (or close to it) then I can’t warn you away strong enough.

Dreamhost is OUTSTANDING when everything is working. But no website/email/database functions perfectly 100% of the time. Unless it’s a system-wide issue that makes their status blog the one-on-one support is very poor. It’s good when you get it, but you’ll wait.

I agree Judi, and with all of the sites I host there, it’s usually an “A” situation…even with client sites. In the last year though Dreamhost only had one extended downtime that I noticed and that was during the huge LA Blackouts. They were down over 24 hours…and that’s something that really shouldn’t happen…ever. I worked at a hosting/ISP company for a while in Florida and we were prepared for the worst. We even shut down the power once a week for a few minutes to ensure our natural gas generators and battery backups were in working order. Other than that type massive system failure, you have to expect some downtime on a shared hosting environment. Dreamhost is much better about uptime than the previous host I was using, but if you want guaranteed uptime, your best bet is to shell out some major clams for dedicated hosting. That’s the only way you can be sure that no igmos are going to run some process out the roof and kill your machine. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

Brian says:

Igmos… I remember that term. Even a dedicated host can have igmos problems. You still have to trust that the dedicated host will maintain a certain level of service. It’s all about planning and preparation. If you can’t make it reliable, you make it redundant (I took this from something I read somewhere).

Russ says:

I have moved my blogs over to these guys. Wow, they have there poo together, like in one spot. I like wordpress alot more than the three year old version of dotText we were running, and Dreamhost has a one click installer that takes literally seconds to complete. (It might actually take a day for stuff to happen, but you can fill out the form in like 30 seconds.) Check it out http://russ.unwashedmeme.com and http://tyndalls.mythinger.com!

Russ says:

Also, since this is the first time I have seen your comment spam protection, I suggest you use KittenAuth instead. How can anyone get mad for needing to click kittens!

That’s funny…but what happened to monkeysaregoodpeople.com, I thought Nathan said that was your new Dreamhost domain.

rob says:


its october 29, 2006 today, is the 777 promo code still working?

thank you

Free PC Host says:

Oops let me try that again as the above link didn’t work. Click below for more promo codes…

Dreamhost Promo Codes

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