Mario Lives Again!

Do do do – doo deet do doot. Do, do, do, do, do, do DEE doodoo. Do do do – doo deet do doot. Last weekend, Amy and I sorted out the issues we were having with the wiring and the drivers for our NESDrive. We actually played 2 player Dr. Mario as a test on Sunday and then dismantled the entire thing. Last night Amy went to bed early and I decided to stay up and put some time into the faceplate. Well, 2½ hours later at 1:15 this morning, I completely finished it!

I managed to detail out the holes in the faceplate for the power/reset/led, sand off the rough edges, and cut off the bit of aluminum on the power/reset/led panel that stuck out too far. Then I painted the faceplate (3 coats of Nintendo gray), and glued in the controller ports. I almost went to bed then, but I was so close to being done. So I re-stripped the wires, twisted-soldered-electrical taped all of the connections to the parallel port and my molex (power) adapter, wrapped all the wires together, and mounted the whole thing in the drive bay.

Again, I almost went to bed…but I was done and had to enjoy my work. So I started up the emulator, plugged an NES controller into the front of my computer, and played some kung-fu! Woo-hoo!

I feel like a new dad! This project has been my baby for so long and now it’s finally here. Speaking of babies, I’d like to wish a preemptive congratulations to ALMOST parents – Kevin & Kristy Currier!

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