MovableType vs WordPress

From a designer standpoint, the decision of which content management system to use is very clear. Nearly every one of my regular reads have movable type embroidered into their underwear. Lets face it, Movable Type is to Webdesigners what Apple is to Print Designers (and a lot of webdesigners as well).

There aren’t many other popular options out there. If you’re not in bed with MT then you are either programming your own database driven catastrophe, or using WordPress. Well, I’m about done trying to develop in my own time, all of the features offered by real content management systems. Although I like the challenges that programming bring me, I AM NOT a programmer by trade. The only reason I even consider the option of WordPress is that it is the chosen backbone of Eric Meyer’s website. Sure, there are lots of people out there using WordPress – but as a designer, I go by what I see – and the Word Press fans out there aren’t doing a great job of convincing my eyes…

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