Search Stats

Every once in a while I enjoy taking a look at the usage statistics for Jasongraphix. This really is just a teeny porfolio/blog site that I maintain, but it’s really interesting to see how, when, and why people end up here. Particulary useful is the top search strings. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the searches that actually brought people here.

  • wedding invitation kerning
  • mike gatton
  • sears lil crafty
  • crayola cerulean
  • campus crusade for christ ucf
  • backbooth directions
  • publix prices
  • iridescence
  • men of metal hoax
  • tb400-3355
  • monkey cactus
  • print magazine
  • malebag
  • quark trifold
  • nesdrive
  • grungy web design
  • logodesign for free
  • funky monkey graphic
  • lords and ladies haberdashery
  • webdesign bbs

I love this stuff. I need more obscure references in my site for people to find me by… words like phrontistery, grandiloquent, and spodogenous. That way someone looking for information on causes of waste material in an organ will be rerouted to this very blog entry. I pity you…whoever you are.

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