Sprint Happiness

I keep looking over at the cell phone on my desk and laughing. “HA! 3 BARS!!!” and then a few minutes later, I look over again out of curiosity. “HAHA! Still 3 Bars!” Although, I think my workmates may be getting a little worried about my mental stability, I know that Russ understands what I’m so happy about – he has Sprint too.

Overall, I have been very happy with my Sprint cellular plan. Sure, Gainesville has fairly patchy coverage, but having a $30/mo. plan that allows me enough minutes, free nights and weekends, and the ability to talk to my wife for free with the PCS to PCS make it worthwhile. Even despite the patchy coverage, I’ve been able to use my phone almost everywhere – except at work.

Whenever I got within 200 yards of work, my service dropped to 1 bar, and once in the parking lot I could barely carry a conversation without dropping a call. Service in the building? Forget it!

As of today however, it seems that Sprint must have set up a new tower nearby, because… “HA! 3 Bars! YEAAAA!” No more missed calls, no more dead phone, no more leaving it attached to my car charger all day!

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