Cookie Monster Trunk or Treat

Cookie Monster Trunk or Treat

On Halloween back in 2018, our family had a blast at a neighborhood Trunk or Treat block party event that some awesome people in our neighborhood put together. We had so much fun that we decided then that if they did it again, we wanted to be part of the fun. Fast forward to this year and October ended up being one of the toughest months of events, work commitments, and viruses to date for our family. It was the middle of the month, the block party was on, we had committed to decorate a trunk…and we had no idea what to make.

TextMate is No Longer Evil

Even if you’re not on a Mac and therefore don’t use TextMate, you probably read about its little Halloween theme on other blogs and saw examples of it in flickr. I noticed the festive Jack-O-Lantern icon after the software update on October 30th, but it wasn’t until I opened a… 

Stretchy Pants

Nacho Libre was, by far, my favorite movie release of the summer. Take what you may from that statement, but my wife and I really loved the movie. I knew that it was coming out on DVD yesterday, but didn’t plan to go out and buy it…until my sister-in-law sent… 

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