A Tough Day

During the course of the day today, I gathered together my Wacom tablet, usb webcam, picture of Amy, desktop organization kit, and desk toys. Tomorrow is actually my last day with Acceleration, but since Amy and I aren’t going home tomorrow before going up to Columbia for the weekend, I decided to bring home my accumulation of stuff today. After almost 2 years of working there, it’s hard to leave. My desk, with it’s well-worn chair, amidst those of the Acceleration Programmers is as much home as Amy and I’s Maguire Village apartment. I don’t know how working from home is going to go without the programmers’ code help, Russ’ explitory outbursts, and Ramon’s unpredictable behavior, but I know it won’t be the same.

On the brighter side of things, I start working from home for my new employer on Monday. I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining the team at Erickson Marketing Studio doing exactly what I love to do: XHTML/CSS Website Design. Although I’ll miss my dual 19 inch monitors, I’m looking forward to working full-time from home on the 20-inch iMac. For some reason the design industry makes you feel like you’re not a real designer unless you do all your work on a mac. I think I’ve proved those people wrong enough to go ahead and switch.

In other news, Amy and I may actually make an offer on a hizzouse this weekend. We weren’t planning on going up to Columbia again for a couple more weeks, but decided to make the trek this weekend because of few sweet looking homes on the market. First though, I’ve got to make it through a sad final day at Acceleration. I love everybody there like family, so as I said before, it’s going to be hard.

5 comments on “A Tough Day

Ryan says:

No man, the tough day is going to be Monday.

Ray says:

Wacom tablet?! 20-inch iMac?! I’m chartreuse with envy. In other news, my birthday is October 5th… You know – just for reference… 🙂

Congratulations on the new job. Make the best of the day Monday since you’ll be working from home. Just go to work in your PJs!

Yea Ryan, Monday will be hard…so what day next week are we going to Moe’s? 🙂 …and remind me to give you the office key to pass on to Ramon.

Ray, the Wacom and iMac aren’t job perks. I bought them with hard earned money. …and PJs to work on Monday sounds good. All I’d need would be a massive bowl of Lucky Charms to feel like I was doing homework in college again.

Cheryl says:

Wow Jason,

Can I work for Erickson Marketing Studio too? 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you Monday!!


Russ says:

Desk is so empty
The monitors are so dark
We all miss Jason

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