Best Leftovers Ever

I’ve set aside my usual lunch of tuna on salad for a similarly healthy, but much more tasty meal of reheated Bul-gogi, Gim bap, Gimchi and steamed rice. No, this isn’t take-out Korean, it’s homemade Asian goodness – in Tupperware.

Amy and I have been talking to our neighbor Kun Suk about the differences between American culture and Korean culture for a while. Kun has been trying to explain how different American food was from Korean foods and last night we finally got to experience those differences in all their culinary goodness. Amy cooked up a typical American meal, and Kun’s wife (Hye Song) prepared a Korean meal, and we had their family (complete with their 2 boys) over for a feast of international proportion.

For our half of the meal, Amy made Chicken Marsala, served over farfalle pasta with a spinach salad and Garlic Bread. Yea, yea, mostly Italian, but it’s a favorite in our house. Hye Song brought Bul-gogi, (translated: firemeat) a Korean marinated meat dish; Gim bap, Sushi-like rolls of rice, vegetables, and crabmeat; Gimchi, a very spicy fermented cabbage dish; and steamed rice. Both of our families had a great time, and at the end of the evening, we exchanged recipes and leftovers.

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