Tres Cero

The last couple months have really been a blur for Amy and I. We’ve spent every free weekend and almost every evening sanding, spackling, painting, caulking, sorting, packing and cleaning. We won’t be making the move to Atlanta till the 1st weekend of April but we want to make sure the house is in the best condition possible before we put it on the market.

With all that constant work it was nice to take an evening off last night to celebrate my 30th birthday with a few close friends at Miyabi. It had been a few years since the last time I ate at a Japanese Steak House and I forgot how much fun it was…

Dr. Pepper Cherry Milk

I’m pretty sure the Dr. Pepper cherry dessert topping wasn’t meant to be milk soluble. Once it’s thoroughly blended though, it’s at least as good as I know you’re thinking it sounds. Trust me, I’m married to a doctor. Pro Tip: This might go well with a giant cookie.

Fried Zucchini Flowers

When we get a chance, Ames and I love to check the local farmers markets for produce. It’s always fresher and cheaper than what you find at the supermarket and you never know what you’re going to find. On our Saturday trip, we came home with a watermelon, an eggplant,… 

Duoseptuagenuple Stuf Oreo

You know you’ve always wanted to do this…but you never did. One package of Double Stuf Oreos has thirty-six cookies. Each cookie is “double stuffed” which means there is enough of the good stuff in there for seventy-two Oreo cookies. So what would you call it if you stacked all… 

Orange Juice Snobs

Ames and I are both fairly easygoing and don’t turn our noses up to many things. If there is one thing we are persnickety about though, it’s Orange Juice. You know the stuff they serve at the continental breakfast buffets at most hotels? Horrible. Almost every single OJ available the… 

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