Change of Plans

I’m sorry to inform you all, but I will no longer be maintaining this blog or taking part in the web design community. An opportunity has come up that I simply cannot pass over. For all my life (or at least my sleepless college days) I’ve dreamed of one day becoming part of an elite group. It will take hours upon hours of training, hard work, and dedication, but I’ve just heard back from the local office and they say I’ve got what it takes.

Jason Beaird
Barista Extraordinaire(tm)

2 comments on “Change of Plans

Stephen Caudill says:

I’ll have a double venti mocha frappa super cala fraga listiccino half caff, double froth with a shot of caramel, if you please.

(may the elitism of industry jargon reign forever)

Ah, my first order, and a double venti one at that! Man, I could use a coffee now…I’ll write that down and try to say it with a straight face later today. I loved the MSN Search thing. Here’s what MSN has to say about Jason Beaird.

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