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One of the many perks that comes along with having a graduate student as a spouse is that we both still get to participate in intramural sports. In the Fall, our game was softball, but last night officially kicked off the Spring season of dodgeball.

Ames and I have really been enjoying the exercise and competition, but it’s also been fun to design a shirt together each semester to go with our goofy co-ed team names. Last year, our team was Not in the face, we’re models and this is the design we came up with:

Not in the face, we're models shirt design

This year, our team name is Oldies but Goodies. Our friend Ashley came up with the idea of an old guy in a walker, and this is what I drew in Illustrator. The free font, Team Spirit helped to finish the design:

Not in the face, we're models shirt design

We actually had so many girls from the ChemE department come out this year that my wife and her close friend Eyma decided decided to branch off and start a girls only team. I suggested the name War Kittens, Eyma suggested the lolcats picture and we all agreed that the Chinese Take Away font added a lot to the design.

Not in the face, we're models shirt design

Pretty intimidating if you ask me…as much as we love lolcats though, the true inspiration behind that team name was this most-excellent Capital One commercial.

In case you’re wondering, the Oldies but Goodies were victorious over a bunch of law students last night, winning 9-8 in overtime. The War Kittens are getting together tonight to iron on their t-shirt transfers and have their first game tomorrow evening. Should be a fun season.

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Nathan says:

Brilliant! We’ve been keeping up with our racquetball down here, but we don’t have awesome names and shirts.

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