Holy Blogger Batman

As I was perusing my regular reads this morning, I came across the report by Zeldman that Blogger has been completely redesigned! That’s right, the simple service (know owned by Google) that propelled many of us into the web-publishing age has reinvented itself.

It seems like many of the css/webstandards heroes of today had a hand in this overhaul. Doug Bowman (Stopdesign) was in charge of the redesign and enlisted the help of Dan Cederholm, Todd Dominey, Dan Rubin, Dave Shea, and even Zeldman himself for the design of the new templates.

Despite my lack of free time to “play” with such things, I’m really excited about getting in and twiddling the knobs. After logging in (for the first time in over a year) I see that not only does it produce commenting and standards-compliant code, it also generates xml feeds!

Never did I think that after coding my own php/sql blog and commenting system that I would have to play catch-up with blogger!

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