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Advent Explosion

The Advent calendar was first introduced in the early 19th century as a physical way of counting down the days until Christmas. The word Advent itself is derived from the Latin word adventus, meaning “coming”, which refers to the birth of Jesus. Traditionally, this was a flat calendar for the month of December consisting to 2 pieces of card stock with 24 “doors” cut into the top layer. Each door was numbers from 1 to 24 and only one door could be opened each day. Inside each door was an image, poem or part of the Nativity story to celebrate the coming holiday. Kids aren’t easily excited by images, poems, or stories, so the advent calendars I remember…

The Edge is a Fickle Hellcat

“New here, aintcha? Well, around here, we walk the edge! And the edge is a fickle hellcat — love her, but never trust her, for her heart is full of Lye!” That quote comes from one of my favorite panels of The Far Side. I couldn’t find an image of the comic, but in the scene, an old timer is speaking to a new factory worker as they both stand on the edge of a huge vat of Lye.

I’ve been designing and building websites for well over 10 years now, and while many aspects of our industry change daily, a lot things remain the same. One of those things is our fixation with the edge…

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