I Feel Loved

How do you know that you’ve done a good job as a designer? Every time I’ve ever created a new design in the form of a website, or a print piece, or a painting I always try to get feedback. Interestingly enough, even when I think I’ve done a killer job, I can never predict what the responses to my work will be. I’ve designed very rushed and generic website design demos that clients have fallen in love with. On the other hand, I’ve designed demos that were stunning examples of cutting edge design and been asked, “Could you make it more green, get rid of the rounded corners, and just re-do the top section?” So how DO you know?

The new design for jasongraphix has been up for exactly two weeks today, and I’ve been getting lots of great feedback on all aspects of the design and workings of the site. Some good, some bad, but all helpful. It wasn’t until today though, that I’ve felt really proud of my new design. Why is that you ask? Because people are stealing it!

Big Bottom (Feeder)

I guess the best part of creating unique graphics and textures for a site design is knowing how easily they will be spotted when used by others. Apparently Dale Cruse – the “designer” of Big Bottom (feeder) offers:

“Complete website design with web standards technologies including HTML, XHTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Writing, Editing, Photography and others upon request.”

Apparently he took a different meaning from Cameron Moll’s article, “Good Designers Copy, Great Designers Steal” than I did.

7 comments on “I Feel Loved

Ryan says:

How did you find that?

Friends…in the mob. Actually I saw the domain show up in my site stats. I believe he might have originally been linking to my background image. If that were the case when I found it, I’d have changed it something awful.

breese says:

While writing and producing news stories at CBS News.com, he truly saw the importance of getting it right the first time while meeting aggressive deadlines.

I’d say in the process of doing things quickly he learned the concept of doing something questionable and asking for forgiveness later.

It appears he atleast took down his copied design.

What do you know? He did take it down, and it took less than a day! I’m glad I still have the screenshot. If you’re reading this Dale and would like me to remove the links and image from this post, then an explanation and apology might be in order. You can either email me at the link on my about page, or post it here in the comments.

Ryan says:

Yeah, it was actually gone when I checked shortly after reading your entry. Which would have been only a few hours after you posted.

If that were the case when I found it, I’d have changed it something awful.

That’s awesome.

Seth says:

Well Jason, here is a little bit of back patting for you, i LOVE your design.

I really appreciate it, Seth. You deserve some props as well for writing your own content management system. Your sketches aren’t too shabby either.

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