iPhone Juice

Energizer Engergi to GoMy previous solution:
Energizer AP1500 Case
$19.99 (for iPhone 3G, 3GS)

I don’t know about you, but when I’m traveling, I simply can’t keep my phone charged. During a normal work week, my iPhone’s battery will last a solid 3 or 4 days. When I’m stuck on a plane, getting directions and trying to catch up with friends all day though, I can easily burn through a full charge in 3 or 4 hours.

For my 4th trek to SXSW last March, I knew I couldn’t afford to sit next to an outlet waiting for my phone to charge before going to the next panel or party. The solution I settled for was the Energizer AP1500 “Energi To Go” battery case which I got from NewEgg for about $20. This thing was a lifesaver. Its extra 1200 mAh doubled my phone’s battery life. Of course, that was back when I had the 3GS and of course the case doesn’t fit the iPhone4.

New Trent BatteryMy New Solution:
New Trent IMP5000
$39.95 (for most USB devices)

Next week I’ll be headed to New York to attend Future of Web Design. It’ll be my first Carsonified event and my first time in New York City. You can bet I’ll be doing a lot of Twittering, Gowallaing and Instragraming. Knowing that this is going eat my battery alive, I decided to up my battery surplus to 5000mAh with New Trent’s IMP5000 battery pack. At just $39.95, it’s the highest mAh battery I could find for the price and it should be plenty to keep me charged all day. Better yet, because it’s has lots of connection types and isn’t fitted to my phone like the Energizer case, it’ll stay with me for my next mobile device. It’ll also serve well as camera juice, Android juice, Blackberry juice, etc should I ever decide to move on to something else. Big Apple, here I come.

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