July 4th High Lights

Ames and I got back from our vacation with her family on Tuesday, and I had an opportunity early this morning to get the pictures posted on amesnjas. The pictures there are a good summary of the vacation, but since there are so many, I thought I’d post the highlights here.

Alina's Birthday Dessert

On Saturday, we all went out for an early dinner at the Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. The food was awesome, the atmosphere is out of this world, but embarrassing Alina on her birthday was priceless.

La Nouba

After eating at the Rainforest, the whole family made the hike around the Downtown Disney lake to the “West Side” for an awesome show at Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba. La Nouba is a permanent attraction at Downtown Disney and is well worth the price of admission. Words can’t describe a Cirque show…you have to see it…so that’s all I have to say there.

Animal Kingdom

On Sunday morning, we all got up and spent the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At first, we though we would skip out on this adventure, but it ended up being a lot of fun. All of the Disney parks are so far over-the-top with their atmosphere and attention to detail and Animal Kingdom is no exception. (I know, I should be posting pictures of animals here, but I liked the picture of the tree. For animals, visit the amesnjas page.)


When we weren’t out at shows,parks, or restaurants, we were either at the Coronado Springs Resort pool, or playing board games in our room. Here’s a picture of Amy’s dad trying to make “spaghetti and meatballs” out of Cranium clay.

Polynesian Resort

Since we were there for the 4th of July, we thought we would take advantage of the awesome Magic Kingdom fireworks show. The question was where and how we would do so. We decided that a great place to see the show would be from the Polynesian Resort, which is across the 7 Seas Lagoon from the Magic Kingdom. From our resort, we took a bus to the Kingdom, and then the monorail to the Polynesian. We created a “camp” in the lobby which overlooks the lagoon, ordered drinks and appetizers and waited for the show…


…and what an awesome show it was. After the fireworks were over, we took an alternate route back to our resort to avoid the exodus from the park. We were “lucky” to be aboard Penny’s bus to Downtown Disney, and from there we were able to catch a ride back to Coronado Springs. Needless to say, we slept in the next morning.

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