No-Shave November

Back when I was in college, a few friends from Campus Crusade and I started a little tradition known as No-Shave November. It was no Whiskerino to be sure, just a simple pact between friends to bear facial hair for the entire month. Having Beaird as my last name, you’d think I’d be wooly by default, but honestly I prefer that clean shavin’ look – as does my wife. I’m pretty sure the last time I went without shaving for more than 3 days was 2002. After 5 years, I was curious what I would look like with a beard. On November 1st I put away my electric razor, and this is the result:

No Shave November - November 5, 2007
No Shave November - November 8, 2007
No Shave November - November 12, 2007
No Shave November - November 15, 2007
No Shave November - November 20, 2007
No Shave November - November 26, 2007
No Shave November - December 3, 2007

As you can tell, I still have a goatee. It definitely looks and feels a lot cleaner than the full beard, but I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to last. I’ll give it a few more days though. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

11 comments on “No-Shave November

Jared says:

Awesome! I stopped shaving after I went on vacation in September.

Nathan says:

Beards, they grow on you!

Haha. Man. this is so awesome. luckily it doesn’t take weeks to ‘ungrow’ it. That just takes about 15 minutes.

Awesome! Though (scratch, scratch), I’m partial to beards. 🙂

Cheryl Erickson says:

Hey Jason,

The beard looks good!

I didn’t want Paul to grow a beard for a long time. He decided to one day, and I was glad. Wouldn’t let him shave it now.

Hope you are well friend, Cheryl

Guy says:

Hey Jason,
This is cool, it sounds as tho you preempted a tradition we have here in New Zealand and Australia of Movember (check out The annual growing of a moustache to raise cash for Prostate cancer research.
The itch always drives me crazy!

Ken Seals says:

Ah man.. why’d you shave it? Oh well, I’m thinkin’ it’s time for “Dali December”“, “John Bonham January“, “Fu Manchu February“, “Mutton chops March“, “Abe Lincoln April“… you get the idea.

Brian says:

I’ve been banned from growing a mustache. However, I’ve got a nice gotee going.

Kate Tate says:

I am just reading your book “Principles of Beautiful Web Design” and thought I would check out your home page. I am really enjoying the book. I am a baby geek so this is all great and awesome info.

I like the beard. It gives your face the the scale and symmetry that you describe in your book. A rule of thirds for your face so to speak. Just one humble Yank’s opinion.

Thanks again for sharing your design knowledge. I am going to suggest it as good reading to many.

Tim says:

I’ve been reading the freebie downloadable part of Principles and think I will order the book…I’m more of a developer and know good design when I see it but have a rotten time coming up with original ideas.

As far as beards go, I’ve had mine longer than my youngest kid is old (9+ years now) – she doesn’t know what I look like without it. I’m lucky to have a wife that likes them. 🙂

LOL… Tim, I just now realized that your domain is

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