Numa Numa

Be patient as the video takes a few seconds to load. This whole thing is my entry into Dustin Diaz’s final book give away in his 12 days of Christmas contests. I have to give credit for this performance to O-Zone who originally recorded the song (Dragostea Din Tea) and Gary Brolsma who made it famous. Confused? Try Googling Numa Numa.


10 comments on “Numa Numa

Justin Perkins says:

Wow, I never cease to be amazed at what people will do in the privacy of their homes…in front of a camera. Hilarious.

Google Video has quite the repositrory of Numa Numa videos, highly entertaining.

Please tell me you learned the words strictly for the purpose of making this video…

Dustin says:

Man, I still just can’t get over how funny this really is. The numa numa pheonomenon has hit the web so fast…man, great stuff! Jason, I really gotta give this one to ya man. I’ve watched your video like 10 times over with uncontrollable laughter… it keeps getting better every time!

Phew, *wipes tears*

Brian says:

I thought we agreed to never play this song again… Well, I hope you get something for making that little video.

10 times Dustin? It’s a good thing Dreamhost just octupled the bandwidth on my hosting plan. 🙂 It actually only took me two takes to make the video…

C’mon Brian and Tony, you guys don’t like Numa Numa?
I have to admit that I have no idea what the words are. I just watched the original movie a few times get the “moves?” right.

I asked Ames what she thought about the video. She she gave me a funny look, but said she still loves me. Sweet! She puts up with my goofiness on a regular basis though, so I’m glad I got to share some here.

Justin Perkins says:

Wikipedia has more information than somebody would ever want to know about this whole Numa Numa thing. If you want to know when it came out, what it means and all that, you could waste some time on the wiki.

You got the moves Jason, you nailed ’em.

By the way. Jason won the 12th day. Looking forward to any upcoming podcasts 😉

Hey, maybe we should do some duo’s sometime.

non-numa says:

this video is so stupit im tired of hearing and numa numa guy wasn`t dancing to the song he was demanding food im so tired of everyone sing to that fat kid was just put there as bait to get everyone to love their songs well nice job losers im just fucking tired of hearing that gay ass song turn it off !!!

Wow, It’s all fun and games until someone loses their marbles… I was going to delete the comment, but I think I’ll leave it for posterity.

Ben says:

i really really think this is really funny you should make more of those videos! but funnier!

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